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     Welcome to McLaurin Elementary! "Pawsitively" the best. 

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    The mission of McLaurin Elementary School is to provide a quality education in a safe environment, enabling students to become productive citizens in a culturally diverse society.

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    "We are proud of our school and the various programs we offer. The faculty and staff are committed to providing a positive learning experience for each student."

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  • Tuesday, October 27 Update on Dismissal Manager

    Thanks to all who have taken the time to respond to the email from Dismissal Manager and complete the registration process.  It is imperative that everyone get this done as soon as you see that email.  We know that there was an issue with some getting the emails but we have worked through many of those issues.  I need two things from each of you. 

    1.  If you have not registered, do that today.  Follow the steps on the email you received from Dismissal Manager.  The yellow signs we sent home with the pin number on it will only work if you completed the registration process.
    2. If you have completed everything, always have that yellow card we sent home in the window so that I can see the number.  If you leave the card at home, please make a sign with the pin number in dark black marker.  It would help if they were large enough for me to see from a distance. 

    If you need to make changes to your child’s transportation, you now need to do that on Dismissal Manager.  If your child’s default is bus and you are going to pick them up in car line, you will need to do a change for that day using the program.

    If you need additional assistance, please email  Cherisse Thayer at


    Dismissal Manager Update

     Many of you have contacted us to report issues with the email that was coming to you through the Dismissal Manager.  We have been working to try and resolve the issues.  We have a list of names that show you did not get an email and we have generated one for you and sent it out. The subject of the email will be McLaurin Elementary parent instructions and details for School Dismissal Manager.   Please follow the steps and complete the registration process given to you there.

    To those of you who have received the information but have not registered following the steps listed, we need you to do this immediately.  We cannot move forward until your part has been completed.

    If you still have not received an email, please contact and we will send it out to you.  Thanks again for your attention to this.

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    I am excited to announce that we are ready to begin the new dismissal manager program that was purchased by Florence One for all schools.  You will get an email from Dismissal Manager with directions for how to utilize this program.  Please follow directions as written.  Remember, that moving forward, you will need your child’s number when you come through the car line each day, or when you need to change their transportation for the day.  We will begin the new procedures on Monday, October 26.  Please take the time today when you get the Dismissal Manager email to follow the steps to get started.  We cannot move forward until you complete those steps.

    Your user name and temporary password will be at the top of the email.  You will need to change your password when you log in the first time. Then follow the steps listed in the email under Fast Facts for getting started.
    Once all steps have been completed, Dismissal Manager will generate a number specific for your child.  We will then generate a car line card with your child’s number on it.  We will send them home with your child on Thursday or Friday of this week.  Please keep the card in your car at all times.  If someone else is picking up your child for you, they will need your child’s number when they drive up.
    If you have questions about the system or have problems logging in, please contact the school.  Thanks for your help during this process.

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  • Mrs. Cribb's Weekly Updates Oct. 1

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  • Attendance is extremely important for both Face 2 Face and Virtual learning platforms. This document will give parents better understanding of attendance requirement for both learning enviornments. Click the link below to see the document.

    The ABC's of Attendance

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